Aviation Facts and Figures

Airlines, Airports, and Aviation
Check out quick links for popular air carrier statistics, including information on airline passenger counts and cargo between individual airports, airline ticket prices, on-time performance by carrier and flight, and airline finance, employment, fuel costs. BTS data are used in the Air Travel Consumer Report and the Domestic Airline Fares Consumer Report. BTS is about to release a Commercial Flight Database (forthcoming) with characteristics of each commercial flight in US airspace, such as scheduled and actual takeoff and arrival times, compiled from the air traffic control system.
Quality assurance statement
The Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) provides high quality information to serve government, industry, and the public in a manner that promotes broad understanding. Standards and policies are used to ensure and maximize the quality, objectivity, utility, and integrity of the information presented. BTS reviews quality issues on a regular basis and adjusts its programs and processes to ensure continuous quality improvements.