Bikeshare (Docked and Dockless) and E-scooter Data

Docked Bikeshare Trips

Trips on 12 largest docked bikeshare systems by system, month, and day with year-over-year comparison.

Effects of COVID-19 on bikeshare and e-scooter operations 

By city, the operating status (open, closed, or suspended) of each bikeshare (docked or dockless) and/or e-scooter system serving it.
Available by month for Jan. through Aug. 2020.

Locations of bikeshare and e-scooter systems

By city, the name of the bikeshare (docked or dockless) and/or e-scooter system serving it for every year from 2015 to August 2020

  • From March to August 2020, 35 bikeshare (docked or dockless) or e-scooter systems (9 percent) closed permanently and 156 (42 percent) suspended operations for a period of time.
  • Ridership on eight of the nation’s largest docked bikeshare systems declined the most year-over-year in April 2020 (65%) when most states issued stay-at-home orders.