Bikeshare (Docked and Dockless) and E-scooter Data

Docked Bikeshare Trips

Trips on 14 largest docked bikeshare systems by system, month, and day with year-over-year comparison.
  • Concerns about COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders caused docked bikeshare trips to fall below 2019 levels in 2020. Across most systems, docked bikeshare trips remained below 2019 levels through 2020 and rose above 2019 levels beginning in April 2021.

Effects of COVID-19 on bikeshare and e-scooter operations 

By city, the operating status (open, closed, or suspended) of each bikeshare (docked or dockless) and/or e-scooter system serving it.
  • From March to December, 36 systems closed and 151 suspended operations. Of the 151, 97 re-opened by August 2020 and 15 additional systems re-opened by December 2020. 45 of 172 cities with service in March 2020 lost service (as of December 2020).
Available by month for Jan. through Dec. 2020.

Locations of bikeshare and e-scooter systems

By city, the name of the bikeshare (docked or dockless) and/or e-scooter system serving it for every year from 2015 to August 2020