Dry Bulk

The top 25 dry bulk ports handled a total of 657 million tons of cargo, accounting for 65.1 percent of the dry bulk tons handled by all dry bulk ports nationwide. The top 100 ports account for 93.4 percent of total dry bulk tonnage handled by U.S. ports.
The following figure shows the total volume of imports, exports, and domestic freight handled by each of the top 25 ports by tonnage in 2021.
The Port of South Louisiana handles nearly three times as much dry bulk tonnage as the second most (Port of New Orleans), as shown in the figure above. The Port of South Louisiana handled 154 million short tons followed by 54 million short tons by the Port of New Orleans and 42 million short tons by the Plaquemines Port District (LA). [1]
[1] U.S. Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Statistics, based upon 2021 data (most recently available), U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Waterborne Commerce Statistics Center. Special tabulation as of November 2023.