The figure below shows the total amount of imports, exports, and domestic freight handled by each of the top 25 ports by tonnage from 2015 to 2020. In addition to the major container ports along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, these include ports along Gulf coast, handling primarily liquid bulk cargo, and river ports, handling primarily dry bulk cargo. 
The top 25 tonnage ports handled a total of 1,744 million tons of cargo, about 71.3 percent of the tonnage handled by the top 100 ranked ports. The top 100 ports account for 95.5 percent of total tonnage handled by U.S. ports. The highest tonnage figures are associated with ports that handle large quantities of both liquid bulk cargo (e.g., petroleum or chemicals) and dry bulk cargo (e.g., coal or grain), such as the ports of Houston, South Louisiana, and Corpus Christi. The 2020 top tonnage port was the port of Houston.[1]

[1] U.S. Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Statistics, based upon 2020 data, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Waterborne Commerce Statistics Center, special tabulation as of December 2021.