Transportation Economic Trends

Value of Transportation Infrastructure and Other Assets:

Transportation Capital Stock

Transportation infrastructure and other assets constitute important economic resources for the United States. This page discusses the value of existing transportation infrastructure and equipment (known as transportation capital stock). Data and discussion about investment in transportation infrastructure and equipment also available.

2022 Year-in-Review

  • The net value of transportation infrastructure and other assets (vehicles and equipment)—known as transportation capital stock—was $10.68 trillion in 2022. The public sector owned $5.96 trillion (55.8 percent), while the private sector owned $4.71 trillion (44.2 percent).
  • Unadjusted for inflation, the value of transportation infrastructure and other assets increased by 6.5 percent from 2021 to 2022. Privately owned capital stock grew faster than publicly owned capital stock in 2022 at 7.0 percent and 6.1 percent, respectively.

Transportation Capital Stock

Transportation capital stock is the value of transportation infrastructure (e.g., roadways, bridges, and stations) and equipment (e.g., automobiles, aircraft, and ships) in existence as of a specific date. It includes a deduction for wear and tear, obsolescence, accidental damage, and aging of the assets.
Transportation capital stock owned by the public sector includes highways and streets and other transportation structures.
Transportation capital stock owned by the private transportation sector includes the transportation structures and vehicles owned by:
  • households (personal motor vehicles),
  • non-transportation industries to carry out their own transportation operations (known as in-house transportation), and
  • for-hire transportation industries.
The value of total transportation capital stock grew steadily from its initial measurement in 1947. Publicly owned transportation capital stock surpassed privately owned transportation capital stock in 2006. 

Recommended citation
U.S. Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Transportation Economic Trends, available at

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