Transportation’s Contribution to the Economy

Transportation Satellite Accounts

Measures the contribution of for-hire, in-house, and household transportation to the economy and amount of transportation required to produce goods and services.

  • In 2021, transportation (for-hire, in-house, and household) contributed $1.3 trillion (5.6%) to an enhanced U.S. GDP of $23.7 trillion—as measured by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics' (BTS) Transportation Satellite Accounts (TSAs).
  • Household transportation, measured by the depreciation cost associated with households owning motor vehicles, contributed the largest amount, at $411.5 billion.
  • Trucking (for-hire and in-house) contributed $389.3 billion—the second largest contribution to GDP.

Transportation services contributed $1.3 trillion (5.6%) to enhanced U.S. GDP of $23.7 trillion

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