Transportation Economic Trends

Transportation as an Economic Indicator: Seasonally-adjusted transportation data

Seasonal adjustment is the process of estimating and removing movement in a time series caused by regular seasonal variation in activity, e.g., an increase in air travel during summer months. Seasonal movement makes it difficult to see underlying changes in the data. Monthly shifts in data as well as short and long-term trends can be best seen through seasonally-adjusted data. This page features transportation data series seasonally-adjusted by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. BTS uses seasonally-adjusted data in the Transportation Services Index.

Full data can be downloaded from the seasonally-adjusted data page

Where to Find the Data?

Full data can be downloaded from the seasonally-adjusted data page
Data also featured in the following data releases.
Seasonally-adjusted freight and passenger transportation data series used in the Bureau of Transportation Statistics' Transportation Services Index.
  • Revenue passenger miles (all air service)
  • Revenue ton-miles (all air service)
  • Truck tonnage
  • Rail freight carloads
  • Rail freight intermodal traffic
  • Rail passenger miles
  • Public transit ridership
  • Pipeline movement
  • Natural gas consumption
  • U.S. waterways tonnage

Unadjusted and seasonally-adjusted, scheduled airline service featured in the Bureau of Transportation Statistics' monthly air traffic releases.                                    
Scheduled airline service for:
  • Available seat miles (domestic and international total; domestic; and international)
  • Enplanements (domestic and international total; domestic; and international)
  • Load factor (domestic and international total; domestic; and international)
  • Revenue passenger miles (domestic and international total; domestic; and international)
Unadjusted and seasonally adjusted vehicle miles traveled featured in Federal Highways Administration's monthly Traffic Volume Trends release.

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U.S. Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Transportation Economic Trends, available at

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