Commodity Flow Survey

  • American manufacturers, wholesalers, and other selected industries shipped nearly 12.5 billion tons of goods in 2017, 10.4% more than in 2012, with a total value of more than $14.5 trillion, according to final estimates from the 2017 Commodity Flow Survey (CFS).
  •  On a typical day in 2017, establishments in these industries moved 34.2 million tons of goods, valued at $39.7 billion, and generated approximately 8.5 billion ton-miles on the nation's transportation network.
  • In addition to the regular Commodity Flow Survey data products (including tables and a public use file), BTS has released an experimental CFS Subarea file (lower level of geography) and an internal Title13 version of the CFS available via a Research Data Center.
  • Data collection for the 2022 CFS begins in April; final estimates are anticipated in May 2025, a public use file in July 2025, and a subarea file in August 2025.
  • BTS is currently seeking Fellows interested in bringing transformational change to the Federal Government in Commodity Flow Survey/freight data analysis, library science, geo-spatial analysis, data journalism, and offshore oil and gas industry risk analysis. See the Fellows section of