It’s Back!
2021 Vehicle Inventory and Use Survey (VIUS)


Back for the first time in nearly two decades, VIUS is the principal data source on the physical and operational characteristics of the U.S. light- and commercial-truck population.
VIUS will start collecting 2021 data in February 2022, with results planned for 2023 release.
The VIUS will collect data from registered owners of both personally owned and commercially owned trucks, including:
  • Pickups
  • Sport utility vehicles, minivans, and light vans
  • Straight trucks <26,000 pounds
  • Straight trucks >=26,000 pounds
  • Truck tractors
  • Vehicle size and weight data
  • Deployment of driver-assisted technologies
  • Freight demand and air quality data
  • Role of motor vehicles in the U.S. economy
  • Fuel efficiency of the Nation’s truck fleet
  • Safety risks of highway travel
The first VIUS to use an electronic instrument for data collection.

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